Company profile
With over 20 years of outstanding performance in industrial projects associated with power, oil, gas, petrochemical and mining, Tanavob General Contractor is a private, multi-discipline enterprise that is capable of performing large scale projects from engineering to commissioning and start up.With the client's requirements in mind, our management team takes responsibility to deliver high-quality projects to its customers on time and within budget. TGC is devoted to our customers and successful cooperation with our clients on projects is one of our strengths. We are with our customers at all stages of project execution to help them achieve their project goals. TGC has improved over the years and gained great experience in a broad range of construction fields. the company has expanded with a rational trend over time to achieve a stable and solid array of services to offer its clients. TGC believes that the most favorable method for improving long term company success in the industry is through mutual cooperation with our clients and partnership in various fields.  This policy has been the foundation for successful completion of past projects and will continue to be our philosophy for future success.

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